About Us

  • DirectorDynamics™ is dedicated to harnessing the human element and forwarding organizations to realize high performance through strategic planning, succession planning, board evaluation and board development. Built on the principals authored in The Art of Strategic Planning and The Art of Succession Planning by founder Michelle Gula, DirectorDynamics goes beyond traditional management approaches to be a change agent at the companies it serves.     More »

  • For over 16 years founder, Michelle Gula has been an executive leader, turnaround specialist and consultant focused on helping all levels of an organization improve performance, from strategic vision, through successful execution and on to operational effectiveness. Her long-tenure, unique perspective and facilitator expertise has been a critical factor to the financial success of the firms she works with. Through thought leadership, high-performance communication…     More »

  • I remember my first board of directors presentation clearly. Long table, high-backed chairs, dark furniture, paintings of Chairmen of the past on the wall and 13 people staring back at me. Smoking was still allowed in the board room and the crystal ashtrays kept company with the tumblers of amber liquor. I founded DirectorDynamics™ because from that first encounter to present day the inner workings of a board of directors have fascinated me.     More »

How We Work
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    Step 1
    Pre-Engagement Audit

    Prior to each proposed engagement this audit process works with the institution's leadership to gauge the appropriate project scope based on our proprietary Strategy-to-Tactic Design™.

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    Step 2
    Engagement Consultation

    Balancing the findings of the Pre-Engagement Audit and resulting Strategy-to-Tactic Design™ this consultation delivers key recommendations and a proposed action plan.

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    Step 3
    Think-Print™ Discovery Process

    This process is designed to connect individually with each involved party to extract feedback, gain institutional direction and ensure full participation by all parties to successfully fulfill the requirements of the engagement action plan.

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    Step 4
    Customized Facilitation

    Utilizing the Think-Print™ Discovery Process we ensure our facilitation, whether delivered onsite or off, is focused on the correctly defined subject matter, which ensures the efficient use of meeting time and an effective agenda for targeted results.

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    Step 5
    Documentation and Support

    Regardless of engagement, documentation is critical for accountability and results. Full documentation, benchmarking, and ongoing guidance and support is available for all projects.


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  • The idea of “Succession Planning” is something that few businesses and schools in particular, take seriously. I would highly recommend this training to anyone in a position of leadership...

    Dr. Timothy M. Sierer

  • Michelle is not a once-and-done facilitator. I think that has to do with her philosophy of strategic planning itself – that it’s a process versus an event.

    Mark Tryniski

  • Our Board of Directors was extremely pleased with the detail of which Michelle Gula laid out a logical method to establish a succession plan. She presented areas for consideration that had never been contemplated by the men and women of our board...

    Dr. James Smock

  • Michelle provided the skill and knowledge to effectively facilitate our directors’ strategic planning session. She led our team to discuss and develop tangible goals for our bank growth plans and management priorities.

    Jay Isaacs

  • Michelle’s hands-on involvement helped us to improve and better focus on both the short and long term operating and strategic issues we face as a community bank.

    H. Wayne Griest

  • She was excellent at keeping the members engaged and focused on the discussion and pushed back, when appropriate, to arrive at a resolution. I will have to say that this was the most engaged that that my board has ever been.

    Frank Campbell

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