Michelle was very thorough in her preparation and analysis. Her interviews with Directors and Management were comprehensive and professional. The Board presentation was insightful, thought provoking and included a detailed assessments of the Bank’s position and needs. She was excellent at keeping the members engaged and focused on the discussion and pushed back, when appropriate, to arrive at a resolution. I will have to say that this was the most engaged that that my board has ever been.

Frank Campbell, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Pilgrim Bank
Cohasset, MA

The idea of “Succession Planning” is something that few businesses and schools in particular, take seriously. We all tend to think we have plenty of time or that we deal with that later. I am so glad my Board and I took advantage of the training offered by Mrs. Gula. She enabled us to think through some aspects of future leadership for our school that prior to the workshop were overlooked. Every institution goes through change and it is good to have a plan as to how that change will be managed. Michelle walked us through the development of our plan and it has created a sense of stability and direction for our faculty and staff. I would highly recommend this training to anyone in a position of leadership desirous of making sure their institution continues to function even in the midst of change.

Dr. Timothy M. Sierer, Headmaster
The Christian Academy
Brookhaven, PA

Michelle is not a once-and-done facilitator. I think that has to do with her philosophy of strategic planning itself – that it’s a process versus an event. This is not an easy curve to round when dealing with a mix of board and management perspectives. But her personal, in-depth discovery prior to the session itself quickly gets all involved on the same page. It ensures that each meeting and planning session is focused on the correctly defined subject matter, which ensures the efficient use of meeting time and an effective agenda for targeted results.

Mark Tryniski, President & CEO
Community Bank N.A.
DeWitt, NY

Our Board of Directors was extremely pleased with the detail of which Michelle Gula laid out a logical method to establish a succession plan. She presented areas for consideration that had never been contemplated by the men and women of our board, even though most are from business backgrounds. The time Michelle spent with us gave us the tools needed to launch our succession process with enthusiasm and confidence.

Dr. James Smock, Administrator
West-Mont Christian Academy
Pottstown, PA

Michelle provided the skill and knowledge to effectively facilitate our directors’ strategic planning session. She led our team to discuss and develop tangible goals for our bank growth plans and management priorities. We would strongly recommend Michelle.

Jay Isaacs, President
FirstCapital Bank of Texas
Midland, TX

From the initial one-on-one interviews with each member of our senior leadership team to serving as a facilitator at our off-site meeting, Michelle’s’ hands-on involvement helped us to improve and better focus on both the short and long term operating and strategic issues we face as a community bank.

H. Wayne Griest, Market President
Seaside National Bank & Trust
Naples, FL