Company Origin

I remember my first board of directors presentation clearly. Long table, high-backed chairs, dark furniture, paintings of Chairmen of the past on the wall and 13 people staring back at me. Smoking was still allowed in the board room and the crystal ashtrays kept company with the tumblers of amber liquor.

I founded DirectorDynamics™ because from that first encounter to present day the inner workings of a board of directors have fascinated me. People from all walks of life gathered together being asked to be legally responsible for the financial and strategic health of an organization in increasingly complex and regulated industries.

They are often unclear on the expectations we place on them and ill equipped to perform their job requirements.

High performing institutions have high performing boards – pure and simple. If you get the right mix of directors and the proper performance in the board room it can be the best return on investment you will ever make.

I work to empower your board to help you achieve a more powerful and more profitable organization through:

· Strategic Planning
· Succession Planning
· Board Evaluations
· Board Development