DirectorDynamics™ is dedicated to harnessing the human element and forwarding organizations to realize high performance through strategic planning, succession planning, board evaluation and board development. Built on the principals authored in The Art of Strategic Planning and The Art of Succession Planning by founder Michelle Gula, DirectorDynamics goes beyond traditional management approaches to be a change agent at the companies it serves.


For over 16 years, founder Michelle Gula has been an executive leader, turnaround specialist and consultant focused on helping all levels of an organization improve performance, from strategic vision through successful execution and on to operational effectiveness. Her long-tenure, unique perspective and facilitator expertise has been a critical factor to the financial success of the firms she works with.

Through thought leadership, high-performance communication and proven workplace improvement strategies she has worked with investors looking to turn around an underperforming organization from the top down, individual firms looking to improve their ability to create and achieve an organizational vision and increased the performance of numerous board of directors across the country.

As a consultant, executive leader and board member her passion has always been ensuring the vision of the boardroom is realized throughout an empowered management team.