Your approved board succession plan lays out the duties, responsibilities, and expectations for each director currently and in the future. By integrating your board evaluation system within that construct, you have created valuable board dynamic currency that shows your directors are clear on what is expected of them and willing to be evaluated and coached based on those expectations.

Enter board development. Effective governance takes intellectual commitment, strategic preparation and active participation. Every one of these expectations is founded on information. You can’t govern effectively if you aren’t active in the board room. You can’t be active if you aren’t prepared. And you can’t be prepared without a commitment to gaining knowledge.

Utilizing the approved director succession plan and evaluation results, a 12-month education and development calendar will be drafted for your institution. This calendar will address core training based on duties and rules of engagement, in addition to any identified knowledge gaps, with a curriculum to rectify them.

· Expectation Alignment
· Education Plans
· Knowledge Gap Identification
· Curriculum Planning